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Regular checkup after you have used Moai over an extended period to ensure optimal performance and latest settings.

Hardware check up

Z-Axis and Build Platform

Please check these screws. 8 on the Build Plate Arm, 2 on z-axis from the front side. 6 on the build platform that is holding the vat. (3 on each side)

From the back of the machine, double check to make sure Z-axis is mounted securely by checking these 8 screws

You can also use common engine oil like 5w-30 to lubricate the Z-axis rod.

Tilt Mechanism

Check these 6 screws to make sure they are fully tightened, and the metal rod is locked. This is what you will see when looking in from the left frame side:

Check the PM motor and see if it is secured mounted:

and see the rod in the PM motor is straight

System Check Up

Update Firmware update to the latest please visit Moai Firmware Update guide

Make sure Setting is the latest:

Make sure your Cura is the latest by uninstall, cleaning and then update to the latest Cura at Moai Wiki on Software


Redo Leveling using our improved Leveling Guide.

If you find your prints are distorted on the X/Y plane, please follow advanced calibration guide

Printing and Post Processing

Make sure your printing temperature is at least 20C (68F) and ideally 25C (77F). You can learn more about resin's properties and best ways to clean and cure here in the Moai Resin Wiki


We have made numerous update to software recommendation. For advanced users, B9 is a great tool, and XYZware / Flashforge offers great software for automatic support generation. For more information, check out the Moai Software Wiki.

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