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Moai - Troubleshooting

*We will organize these into groups. For now, it may be best for reader to use search functions

For self-help step by step troubleshooting, please use the mindmap. :

Regular Checkup Guide

If you have been using Moai for a few months, it is best to follow this guide to make sure your Moai is running at optimal condition.

Quick Questions: What kind of resins can Moai use? Moai can use Formlabs resins as well as many other brands. Moai can use almost all 405nm UV resin. Please check resin exposure reference and in the discussion forum to confirm. For new users, we recommend getting at least 1 liter of Moai resin for initial learning.

How large can Moai print? 13 x 13 x 18 cm

Where can I get Moai parts if I broke a part? You can buy from a reseller.

What is energy rating of Moai’s laser module? It is a 150mW 405nm UV laser module with 70um spot width.

How long is the build time? 4-6 hours depending on experience. No soldering needed. All tools required

What else do I have to buy besides Moai kit to start printing? Just Moai resins

What are the consumables? Vat and Laser Modules

- Specific help Test ring Gcode for checking printer

z-axis check

z-axis accuracy check Without the base, the cylinder is 30mm high

osx fix

Assembly Holes not tapped:

SD card issue, use SD card formatter:

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