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Welcome to the Moai 200 Directory. This page has all the additional information you need to learn more about the Moai 200.

Moai 200 Specs

  • Print Volume: 200 x 200 x 250mm
  • Laser: 150mW 405nm solid state laser
  • Laser Spot size: 70um
  • Galvo: 40Kpbbs
  • Vat: FEP film based Vat
  • Software: Peopoly Asura
  • Heated Chamber
  • Full laser and exposure control
  • High compatibility with 405nm UV resin
  • Easy to maintenance. Just like original Moai, the parts can be replaced with prior training.
  • Low downtime and running cost

Moai 200 Firmware

You can find the latest Moai 200 Firmware Here.

Moai 200 Vat

  • Information you need to know about The Moai 200 Fep Vat

Moai 200 Leveling

Here is the information to properly level your Moai 200. Note: Your Moai 200 should already be level upon arrival.


Here is a list of replacement parts for your Moai 200.

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