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====== Advanced Glass Plate with PDMS for Moai 200 Vat

This plate is a newly developed Advanced Glass (April 2019) Plate with PDMS layer that goes inside of the Moai 200 FEP vat and has an extra film on the side facing resins. Likes the standard Glass Plate, this plate is used to secure FEP film properly while protecting against resin leaks. The extra PDMS layer adds a cushion to improve bottom layer adhesion further, and with the specially processed film, it lowers the peel force also. Make sure you read the instruction inside and do not remove the special film on top of the PDMS layer.

The build of the plate:

Glass - PDMS layer (3mm) - special film (sticks on top of PDMS)

User STILL has to put an FEP film over this plate for printing so that during printing

Light (coming from the lower chamber) → Glass → PDMS → Special film → FEP film for Moai 200 → Resin (in the resin vat)

The installation of the plate is the same as the standard glass plate. You can refer to this video:


Setting. Moai 200 shipped with this plate already has the latest settings so you can refer to the Moai 200 Main guide for z reset height. If you got this as an upgrade for Moai 200 that came with the vat plate that does not have PDMS layer, then you may have to reduce your z-reset value by 30 (3mm) and run a leveling test print. With this build plate, you can also level between 10-10.5mm instead of 9-10.5mm

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