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This is the starting page for Moai 200.

Thank you for purchasing Moai 200. This is very exciting! Welcome to one of the most active and positive 3D printing communities out there. Soon, you shall be the envy of all 3D printers with your stunningly printed details. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Before you get started

  • Do not put resin into the printer until you are specifically told to do that (when printing cylinders, Step 5)
  • Resin begins to gel around 68f/20c, so ensure that the area you are printing in is at least 72f/22c. Best printing temperature is around 77f/25c for model resin. For Nex and tough resin, it is best to print between 30-35C.
  • Confused about a particular step? Ask on the forums.
  • Accessories you could use and would be good to purchase in advanced
    • Ethanol / IPA: For cost saving, we recommended denatured alcohol with 90%+ ethanol. Ethanol is safer than IPA and does not damage acrylic.
    • Container for cleaner: Should be large enough to submerge print. Something that is 15x15x20cm would be handy for most prints. Like this alcohol-container.jpg Cover it with plastic bag so it is \easier to clean.
    • Painter Brush: For brushing off uncured resin from prints during cleaning bath moai-brush_large.jpg
    • Curing light: For much faster curing, use a UV light like this UV Light

1. Let's make sure everything was in the box (about 15 minutes)

Remember that Peopoly is a small business that is just getting started. Mistakes happen, and that's why it is important to make sure that everything is in the box. If something isn't, just email


  1. Moai 200 (Assembled)
  2. FEP Vat (Inside of Moai)
  3. Build Plate (Inside of Moai)
  4. Build Plate Knob x 2 (in Accessories Box)
  5. FEP Films (In the cardboards)
  6. Power Supply (in Accessories Box)
  7. SD Card (in Accessories Box)
  8. Level Screw Driver (in Accessories Box)
  9. Picker (in Accessories Box)
  10. Protection Glasses (in Accessories Box)
  11. Wrenches (in Accessories Box)
  12. Door Key (in Accessories Box)
  13. Support Cutter (in Accessories Box)

2. Hardware Setup

- Setting up Moai 200

  • Locate the build plate knob in the accessories box
  • Secure the build plate by installing the knob seen in the picture

  • Make Sure the vat is secured
  • Connect the power supply to the port behind Moai 200. Here is what the ports behind the printer represent

(If your heater does not heat up quickly, swap the power adapter as the port may be cross-linked for earlier models)

- Adding Heater

  • Add the heater to the left back corner of the interior, behind the build vat
  • Connect the Power Cable for the heater

- Check Firmware Setting

  • Power On the Printer
  • Change the Menu by turning the control knob
  • Check Settings

3. Software Setup (takes about 10 minutes)

Installing Asura

OSX/Linux users - Installing Cura 3.5.1 for OSX using this Cura guide

And size printer size to X = 205 mm Y = 205mm Z = 250mm

Make sure you fix the gcode before printing

4. Hardware Check / Calibration

In this section, you will learn about how to operate Moai 200 and make sure it is setup correctly.

Moai 200 Calibration Guide.

Default Firmware setting:

System Setup:

  • X Size 900
  • Y Size 900
  • X Deviation 100
  • Y Deviation 100
  • Smooth 50
  • Z Motor Speed 2
  • PM Motor Speed 10

Advanced Setting

  • Laser Power 58 (for model resin) 54 (Nex resin)
  • XY Speed Set 4
  • Z Reset Position 2570
  • PM Reset Position 80
  • Z Follows 2
  • CompensateX 100
  • CompensateY 195
  • Z Initial Speed 2
  • PM Initial Speed 10

You can learn how to put everything with Printing Guide for Moai 200.

recommended use Asura 2.2.2 with following support parameters (notice the thicker base, larger support tip and individual base):

6. Some useful tips for new users

How to replace fep film on the vat. Video guide

OSX users: check out the extra step for your GCode OSX Fix

  • Temperature: Keep resin temperature over 22C for best performance.
  • Software: Only use Asura from Peopoly Support or Cura 3.5.1 from Ultimaker
  • Adding support: This guide shows the easy way to add support to your model.

Leveling Guide for Moai 200

How to change FEP film for Moai 200 vat.


Laser Power recommendation for Peopoly resins

resin exposure guide

Latest Firmware

please download here.

Shipping Box Dimension and Weight

110 x 58 x 62cm 43kg

Printer Dimension

90 x 41 x 41 cm

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