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This Page contains all information pertaining to the Moai 130 Sla 3Dprinter by Peopoly.

User Guide

Self Help

Leveling and Calibration

How Things Work

  • Printer menu settings What each of the settings mean on the printer menu
  • Bootup Sequence for Moai This guide provides information on different stages of Moai boot up sequence and is useful for troubleshooting.
  • Tilting and Peeling This talks about the mechanics of how the Moai tilts and peels while printing.
  • How does layer change work on the Moai series? find out how it works here.


*General Moai 130*

Vats Help


Current firmware version is v1.18, please visit this link for latest firmware and settings

File Vault

Come find all your Moai 130 files in the Vault! File Vault

Additional Hardware

Upgrades, Additions and more. Additional Moai 130 Hardware

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