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Asura by Peopoly

Asura is a 3D printing preparation software designed to that simplifies the process of preparing for resin-based 3D printing. It has both features specific to Moai SLA printer as well as for general resin 3D printing.

Main features:

  • Import / Export STL files
  • Adding Support and base (Automatically / Manual Addition)
  • Scale and Rotate Models
  • Slice Model to GCode (to print on Moai)
  • Distortion Adjustment (Moai only / Gcode only)
  • Lightning Fast Processing Speed

Download link:

And you can share your feedback here:

Distortion Adjustment function:

Asura 2.0 brings distortion adjustment for Moai SLA printer. User can activate the function by first clicking the Export icon to bring up the sub-menu

User can either select none or the included default profile moai_calib1. *Adjustment is only effective when exporting to GCODE

For most users, this would be enough to reduce distortion at the edge to under less than 1%.

For users who want even closer calibration, here is what you could do:

1. location the default profile in the calib directory and make a copy. Rename it so that easy to read.

2. open the calibration profile and you would see:

Note the XVal / YVal values. The first value is the expected length and the 2nd value is the actual length from print. We will come back to this.

3. load the calibration STL file. It should automatically line up the A B C D corner in the STL file matches the A B C D corners of the Asura print plate. DO NOT MOVE OR SCALE of the object or it will affect calibration results.

4. After print is done and cleaned, make the measurement based on the chart below to fill in the calibration profile

For example, if your dx1 = 10.95. The instead of Xval 11.0 10.91 in the default file, change to Xval 11.0 10.95.

5. Save the custom profile and you can now select it from Asura 2.0

Software history:

10/27/2018 Version 2.0

  • Export and Slicing to GCode (using CuraEngine.exe)
  • Distortion Adjustment
  • Manual Support allows different size/parameters than auto-generated supports
  • Improved support algorithm.
  • Bug fixes

9/8/2018 Version 1.5

  • Hollowing / Holes
  • Bug fixes

8/16/2018 Version 1.2

  • Bug fixes to support, better rotation and manual support, improved view perspective, change build volume size, hot-keys

7/24/2018 Manual Support feature added.

7/10/2018 Improved auto-generated support algorithm

7/1/2018 Initial release

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