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Bootup Sequence for Moai

This guide provides information on different stages of Moai boot up sequence and is useful for troubleshooting.

Power Off State

All lights are off, including the power button.

Powering on Moai by pressing the power button

What will happen next

Power button turns on

Moai Main board turns on and attempt to check for firmware files on SD card. If there are firmware files in the root directory, Moai will attempt to upgrade and show a blank LCD. Do not power off if you see the machine is powered on, LCD backlight is on but no movement. The upgrade process is less than 1 minute so you should give it 2 minutes to see what happens next.

If there is no firmware files or Moai finishes firmware upgrade, you will see the following screen.

While Moai LCD is showing the menu, Moai will attempt to reset Z-Axis and peeling motor mechanism. Before completing both of those actions, the control knob is locked.

Z-Axis reset This involves moving the arm slightly lower and then upward until the arm is stopped by the endstop sensor or the metal protector for the sensor. If your arm is moving downward constantly or never stop moving upward after hitting the endstop sensor, check you endstop sensor to see if the cable is connected correctly.

You can check your endstop sensor using method here.

PM Motor reset This involves peel action regardless of what the position of the platform was in. This is intended to ensure the platform is level when bootup sequence is completed. This reset creates a louder noise and sometimes surprises first-time users.

Complete Bootup video:

if that did not load, click the YouTube video here.

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