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How to put Moai FEP vat together:


1 FEP Film

2 Vat Back Panel

3 Vat Mid Panel

4 Acrylic Sealant

5 Silicon Film

6 Acrylic Back Panel

7 Vat Main Body

*Please make sure you insert M3 wretch all the way into the bottom of the screw hole so you can turn easier without damaging the screw or the wretch.


1. Find the Vat main body (part #7), turn it upside down at a flat surface. Find 8 m4-10 screws. One side of the main body has thinner wall than others, that is the back side of vat facing Z-axis and as a reference point.

2. Find silicone film (part #5). put it on the back of part #7. Make sure you match the holes

3. Find FEP film (part #1). cover over the silicon film. Make sure all sides are covered.

4. Find Vat mid panel (part #3) and place it over the silicon film. Make sure the holes are matched and that the side with the thinnest wall is aligned with the same part on the vat main body

5. Use a sharp object like pin or screwdriver to create holes in the film and then tighten the screws. It is best to do 4 corners first, lock them down and then do the rest.

6 Plast acrylic piece (part #6) in the opening of the vat. Make sure the wedges on the sides are facing down. You can only fit into the opening one way so if you could not fit the piece in, rotate it 90 degrees and try again.

7. Place acrylic tensioner (part #7) over the vat. If you couldn't fit the piece in, rotate it 90 degrees

8 Place vat back panel (part #2) over the vat build. Make sure the side with the thinnest wall align to the back of the vat

9 Lock the back panel start with corners

10 Turn the vat over and used the plastic tool (wrapped in paper or cloth) to squeeze out bubbles underneath the film

11 cut off excessive films

12 Clean up the vat

13 If it is your first time, you could test the vat by putting some water in and see how it holds up over 2-3 hours.

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