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 +Looking for some files I see? Well come on in and welcome to the File Vault where you can search through our files that we have been saving for you! 
 +  * [[moai:​files|Official Downloads]] This is a list of calibration files and other files you might need.
 +  * [[moai:​firmware|Firmware]] Firmware changelog and update guide.
 +  * [[moai:​files#​Community submitted files|Community submitted files]] Files submitted by our users for various things you might want
 +  * [[:​moai-design|Moai Designs by Peopoly]] - This contains the actual 3D files of the outside covers of the Moai, the files to print your own vat, and the leveling mechanism for the Moai. 
 +  * [[https://​​drive/​folders/​0Bzke6lBHG_z5ZmZGUTVpcW1obW8|Folder of Moai Files]] Large folder of assorted files uploaded by Mark
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