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Current firmware is v1.18 released on September 12th 2018

If you are not on this version, Use this guide for the instructions and a link to the firmware. If you just want the firmware without the instructions use This link for the firmware file

If you want to learn about what these settings mean, please refer to Settings Menu

Latest System Setting

latest update 9/28/2018 these are for Moai only, NOT Moai 200 System Setup:

  • X Size 900
  • Y Size 900
  • X Deviation 100
  • Y Deviation 100
  • Smooth 50
  • Z Motor Speed 2
  • PM Motor Speed 15

Advanced Setting

  • Laser Power 58
  • XY Speed Set 4
  • Z Reset Position 1877
  • PM Reset Position 10
  • Z Follows 2
  • CompensateX 100
  • CompensateY 200
  • Z Initial Speed 2
  • PM Initial Speed 10

For a description of what these settings mean, go here.

Firmware 1.16 (if you are coming from 1.15 or lower) calibration guide:

  1. Record current 1.15 settings, especially if you have any custom settings.
  2. Upgrade firmware to 1.16, refer settings to 1.15 IF you use any custom setting. However, keep X/Y size at 900.
  3. Check center using cross pattern. At the same time, make sure x/y galvo are set correctly, (pushed all the way in)
  4. Run calibration scan circle, ONLY match the outside 120x120mm circle. Ignore inner circle
  5. Print a cube on the outside to check how much the size is off
  6. Use x/y size to correct the difference.


  • 1.18
    • added Print Time duration
    • Improved SD card I/O performance
    • Allows putting gcode in any of the subdirectories in the root directory.
    • updated to the latest settings.
  • 1.16
    • Compensate X/Y - This firmware helps correct X/Y distortions from galvo system.
      • This adjust X/Y for distortions. Since Galvo/laser setup only has distortion on Y-axis, adjustment to Y-axis is only needed.
      • Default value for Compensate X is 100
      • Default value for Compensate Y is 200
      • To get the best adjustment results, we recommend user to go through advanced calibration
  • 1.15
    • X / Y Size range increase from 400 to 1000.
      • So if you have a custom setting for either X Size or Y Size, multiply it by 2.5, and you will get the corresponding value in Firmware 1.15. For example, 360 in 1.14 is now 900. (see below for recommended settings) Each unit in X/Y Size represents 0.02mm change in print size.
    • Laser does not fire when user adjust the power value in the setting
    • User can now immediately cancel a print, and it will be followed by a peel action before raising the build plate to reduce peel force
  • 1.14
    • Calibration
    • Accuracy improvements

Beta Firmware (updated 4/27/2019)

Experimental Moai firmware with the extended gcode command (For researcher and developer, do not use for regular print production)

firmware download discussion

Overview: The extended gcode command allows finer control of Moai during printing. The changes to settings is only temporary for the duration of the current gcode file and will not be saved to the system settings. The command can be inserted at any point of the gcode file as long as it has its own line. The firmware will still work with existing gcode exported from Asura or Cura that do not contain any extended gcode command.

Setting definition change

  • Z-Follow 0-60 each unit represents 0.1mm the range of value is (-1) to (5)
  • Z-Follow 0 = -1 mm movement upward during peel
  • Z-Follow 60 = 5 mm movement downward during peel

For recommended z-follow for general printing, it is now 30 (2mm downward movement)


  • M1001 X40 ;laser power change to 40
  • M1002 X5 ;wait for 5 seconds before continuing
  • M1003 X1800 ;moving build platform arm to z-axis reset spot of 1800 (in the setting) or 180mm down from the top
  • M1004 X50 ;peel motion 50 has no meaning
  • M1005 X10 ;change Pm moto speed to 10
  • M1006 X3 ;change Z Motor Speed to 3
  • M1007 X12 ;change Z Follows (distance) to 12
  • M1008 X15 ;change PM Reset Position to 15
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