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Installation Guide for Peopoly Heater

Keeping resin temperature over 25C is key to printing well. At the same time, warming up the build plate is common practice among pro users. There are two key advantages of using the Moai heater over a low-cost plastic heater.

- Peopoly heater is safer because it runs at 24V with a beefy adapter instead of running straight at 110/220V like the inexpensive ones.

- It is sensor controlled for optimal resin printing temperature between 30-35C.

- It does not cause interference with the electronics due to metal shielding.

Official heater installation guide:

The “In a pinch” approach:

  • Place the heater behind the left corner of the vat as seen here. Heat Sink facing the front door. Run the cable from the front door and out of the printer (top or bottom of the Door).

  • Plug in the Power supply, then power on the Heater and move the cable in the middle of the front door and lock it to seal in the heat. Give it a few minutes to warm up the build plate and the resins.

The full installation approach:

  • Place the heater behind the left corner of the resin vat.

  • Drill a hole at the back panel

  • Run the cables from outside into the drilled hole and connect to the printer.

Heater - Power supply Information:

AC/DC Adapter:

  • Model No: JC2405
  • AC Input: 100-240V ~
    • 50-60HZ 1.5A
  • DC Output: 24V = 5A

ROHS Certified

For Indoor use only.

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