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How to minimize interference from affecting your print:

There are currently 3 sources of interferences that have been reported that may affect your printing. Or specifically, affecting the consistency of laser / galvo scanning. The common symptom is a consistent regular pattern of layer shift in printed object. An example can be seen here.

The 3 sources that we have found to be an issue are:

Heater, especially low-cost ones that come in a plastic casing. Not only those could cause interference, but they could also be dangerous. Get one that is verified with a beefy transformer like the Peopoly heater (24V) as they are much safer. The solution to minimize interference is to wrap aluminum foil around the heater.

Crossing wires, sometimes users would bundle the galvo power cable/pm motor power cable and data cable together such that it creates enough of interference that affects printing. The solution is to bundle power cables away from data cable. such as this picture:

Power adapter. Sometimes interference comes from the power adapter/power line. See if you can use a cleaner power source to eliminate this factor.

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