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How does layer change work? What are the mechanics of it? This page will answer those questions.

Layer Change Actions

At each layer change, these actions happen:

1. laser stop

2. PM motor starts to tilt the vat downward, based on PM Reset distance (the length of peel) at PM Moto speed

3. at the same time of “2”, if Z Follow is not zero, the build plate will move down at the distance of Z Follow and at the speed of Z Moto Speed.

4. PM Motor reaches to the specified PM Reset distance and start to move back

5. As step “3” is completing, the build plate goes back to the current layer position. Then it moves up to the next layer (depends on layer height).

Points to consider

  • If PM Reset distance is too short, then the print is not completely separate from the fep film (because resin sticks and pulls the film up). This is the most common failure for fep vat. That is why fep vat's pm reset distance is recommended to be at least 40.
  • If Z Follow is too large or Z Motor speed is too fast. Depending on the combination, the build plate can either slam the print into the vat, leading to print failure
  • If Z Follow is too large or PM Reset is too small, the vat can also slam into the print as the build plate is still doing Z Follow while pm motor already returning to its default position
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