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This is very exciting! Welcome to one of the most active and positive 3D printing communities out there. Soon, you shall be the envy of all 3D printers with your stunningly printed details. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Before you get started

  • Do not put resin into the printer until you are specifically told to do that (when printing cylinders, Step 5)
  • Resin begins to gel around 68f/20c, so ensure that the area you are printing in is at least 72f/22c. Best printing temperature is around 77f/25c
  • Do not jump ahead in building steps because sometimes you need to go back to the first few steps and retighten bolts
  • Confused about a particular step? Ask on the forums.
  • Step 3 requires an image printed on a normal printer in case you want to think ahead
  • Step 5 requires a pair of small calipers (like these on Amazon).
  • Check for shipping damages - Sometimes a delivery person may place the box in wrong orientation. Please make sure the box's longest side is sitting on the floor with shipping label facing up
  • Accessories you could use and would be good to purchase in advanced
    • Ethanol / IPA: For cost saving, we recommended denatured alcohol with 90%+ ethanol. Ethanol is safer than IPA and does not damage acrylic.
    • Container for cleaner: Should be large enough to submerge print. Something that is 15x15x20cm would be handy for most prints. Like this alcohol-container.jpg Cover it with plastic bag so it is \easier to clean.
    • Painter Brush: For brushing off uncured resin from prints during cleaning bath moai-brush_large.jpg
    • Curing light: For much faster curing, use a UV light like this UV Light

0 Main Moai User Guide

1. Let's make sure everything was in the box (about 15 minutes)

Remember that Peopoly is a small business that is just getting started. Mistakes happen, and that's why it is important to make sure that everything is in the box. If something isn't, just email

Be careful pulling the Galvos out. DO NOT touch the mirrors in any way.

Chris at Practical Printing, did a great video on this step.


  1. Use the pictures here as reference
  2. Use this list for a list to check contents

2. Let's build it (should take between 5-8 hours or more)

Even our fastest builders took over 4 hours to build it completely. It takes a normal person 5-8 hours. It's important that you do not rush the build process. Take your time and familiarize yourself with the components and the location of the nuts and bolts. There are lots of screws and bolts you have to go back to near the end and tighten. If you do not go back and tighten them your prints will be way off and you won't know why.

  1. Come back here when you are done! or leave this tab open

3. Let's calibrate it (takes about 10 minutes)

In this step, you are going to inkjet print a sheet of paper that has the calibration guidelines on it and put it in the resin vat. Then you will make adjustments if you need to. The galvos are pre-calibrated so you most likely won't need to touch them.

One thing about this, make sure the X and Y galvo wires are attached appropriately. Sometimes people get them confused,so things print left and right confused (still successful, just at reverse angles).

4. Let's level it (this takes about 30 minutes and this step is very important to do correctly)

If you have looked at the forums, you will see that more than 50% of problems come from level problems. This is the hardest step of the process because it is inherently inaccurate (ironic isn't it?). In this step you are going to physically level the printer by putting an empty vat in the printer and have the build plate rest against it. Then tighten screws under the vat to make sure there is proper pressure.

5. Let's do a test print (this takes about 20 minutes)

6. Some useful tips for new users

OSX users: check out the extra step for your GCode OSX Fix

  • Temperature: Keep resin temperature over 22C for best performance.
  • Leveling check: Make sure you go through this leveling step if you have not done so during the calibration stage. Most of the printing problem is related to leveling.
  • Software: Only use Cura for Moai edition from Peopoly Support
  • Adding support: This guide shows the easy way to add support to your model.
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