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Printing guide for Nex Resin

There are currently 3 Nex Resin colors: Grey, Flesh and Clear

Before printing, make sure you mix grey and flesh version very well if they have been sitting in the vat for over a day. If you are pouring from the bottle directly, MAKE SURE you shake the bottle very well (30 seconds) before pouring it out. The pigments can have great effects on the print results. If the Nex Grey/Flesh looks semi-translucent, then it means the pigments have settled.

Laser Power Recommendation: Grey and Flesh 51 Clear 53-54

Recommended Printing temperature (resin): 30 Celsius

Recommended Layer Height = 60-100um. many pro shops print at 100um for quicker print and workflow

Profiles: Standard Profiles in Asura would work fine for this resin.

System setting: Default firmware settings for v1.18


Nex has that dark grey colors that model makers love, and we have already seen some great prints. However, it is also the only Siraya Tech resin that has pigments, and it may settle. To get the best results out of Nex, SHAKE HARD (applies to all resins with pigments)

To do it correctly to shake that bottle for 20-30s before use. Stir up the resins that is already in the vat before each print. And if you just received Nex, before opening it up for the first time, turn it upside down for a minute (submerged in warm water is even better) and then shake for another minute or two to make sure you get a great mix.

IF you want to take it to next level, throw a small metal ball in there and shake, the object will significantly increase the efficiency of mixing pigments and resins.

Post processing Nex resin is thicker than model resins so longer cleaning time with a brush is recommended

Cleaning - Use 95%+ Ethanol or IPA and painter brush to clean the piece thoroughly. There is no need to use an ultrasonic cleaner and it is more effective to use brushes.

Curing - Ideal curing is to have a heated chamber of 30 Celsius and 6W+ 405nm LED like Peopoly UV LED to cure for 10 minutes. If it is still sticky, make sure you clean it thoroughly or make sure you have the correct UV LED. Many LED sold online are not within 395-405nm wavelength


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