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Moai Printer Knowledgebase

Thank you for joining the Moai community. This wiki is all about the Moai 3D SLA printer and contains knowledge from the creator to the community.


Phenom is Peopoly's third-generation product originally launched Oct 1st in 2020. You can get Phenom related wiki here.

Moai / Moai 130

Moai is Peopoly's first product originally launched on Kickstarter in 2017. You can find all the wikis related to Moai / Moai 130 here.

For new users of Moai / Moai 130, you can jump straight to the startup guide.

Moai 200

The Moai 200 is the second printer in the Moai line up. This printer was Peopoly's answer to larger format SLA printing and was released in summer of 2018.

  • You can find all the Wikis for the Moai 200 in the 200 Directory.
  • If you are new to the Moai 200 this User guide is the place to start.


Peopoly resin are affordable and highly regarded About Resin Things you need or want to know about UV Resin.


Asura is software Peopoly developed for Moai printers. It can add support, hollow, slice and has many other features. Learn more here.


The Knowledgebase contains common problem-solving tips gathered from support and the community.


Peopoly has a vibrant community of users sharin and helping each other. Please join our users and staff at

You can also find out the latest about Peopoly by following us on

And you can find community-made add-ons for Moai / Moai 130 / Moai 200 on Thingiverse.

Community Content

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