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Moai Printer Knowledgebase

Thank you for joining the Moai community. This wiki is all about the Moai 3D SLA printer and contains knowledge from the creator to the community.

Firmware has been updated to v1.18 on September 12, 2018 Go Update Now!

Moai 130

Moai 130 From User Guide to Firmware to Hardware, here you will find all the information for your Moai 130.

Moai 200

Moai 200 User guide for the Moai 200. More will be added soon.


About Resin Things you need or want to know about UV Resin.

Asura 2.2.3

Asura Asura Download and User Manual with manual registration instructions


Peopoly Community Come hang out and join in on the fun with like minded people!

Community Content

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