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Tilting and Peeling

To help model separate from the PDMS layer, Moai tilts the vat on the right side of the print after each layer finishes to peel the object off the PDMS (silicone). During this process, the build plate also moves down slightly to counter the peel force. This tilting action helps with better print results, but sometimes the peel force can distort or damage the print object. Note: Values in the image above are old.

To modify peel force, you can make it peel slower by lowering PM Motor Speed and Z Motor Speed or reduce the distance of tilt by reducing PM Reset Position. The definition of those settings as well as other settings can be found in the menu settings page. There is no hard and fast rule for setting these. As long as Z Motor Speed is less than 30% of PM Motor Speed, the tilt action is fine. It is also best to have PM Reset Position greater than or equal to Z Follow values.

  • Z Motor Speed (default 15) This deals with how fast the Z-Axis is moving. There is little reason to change this value as it does not affect print quality.
  • PM Motor Speed (default 30) This has to do with how fast the vat is tilting at layer change. The faster PM Motor speed is, the stronger the force is applied to separating layers. Earlier Moais have a default value of 80 while newer Moais have a value of 30. 80 would work, but 30 should give nicer layer lines.
  • PM Reset Position (default 40) This value defines how much the vat tilts. The higher the value, the longer distance the vat will move to separate the layers. The you can lower it from the default to reduce separation force and increase overall print time. It is not a frequently adjusted value.
  • Z Follows (default 40) This is another value that deals with layer separation. When the vat tilts during layer a change, the build plate lowers slightly to help reduce separation force on each layer. The a value of 100 translates to 1mm movement. You could experiment it in conjunction with PM Reset Position.
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