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Printing guide for Tough Resin V2

Tough v2 resin was developed to be much stronger, easier to clean and cure. It only comes in clear color.

Laser power = 52-54

Recommended Layer Height = 100um (Asura Profile 100um 35)

Infill in Cura and Asura, the default infill % at 70 would work. 80% infill will increase print success. Currently, you can only modify infill % in Asura

System Setup (v1.18):

  • Z Motor Speed 2
  • PM Motor Speed 12 /latest change
  • Laser Power 53
  • PM Reset Position 50
  • Z Follows 10
  • Z Initial Speed 2
  • PM Initial Speed 10

You may also increase the support tip from 1.0 to 1.2 in the Asura Support parameters for a stronger grip.

Post processing Tough v2 resin requires longer cleaning and post-curing to bring out its strongest material properties.

Cleaning - Use 95%+ Ethanol or IPA and painter brush to clean the piece thoroughly. There is no need to use an ultrasonic cleaner and it is more effective to use brushes.

Curing - Ideal curing is to have a heated chamber of 30 Celsius and 6W+ 405nm LED like Peopoly UV LED to cure for 15 minutes.

Material Property

Tensile Strength 45Mpa Shore D 83 Young’s Modulus 1500Mpa Elongation At Break: 30%

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