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Phenom Main Page

New user, please start with setup guide

User Reference:

For a more detailed reference, you can check out Phenom User Guide

Here is a quick note on the panel for Phenom Phenom LCD guide:

You can download the pre-sliced test print: that is used to check printer.

Some reference onResin guide:

And you can dive in the reference directory here


Here you can find resources for troubleshooting and solving issues.

You can to find answers to frequently asked questions

Check out the step-by-step self-support guide

Find Service Manual which is referenced many solutions.

Print LCD panel check:

Touch Panel check

Hardware Specification:

Panel: 3840 × 2160 (UHD) (4k)

Print Volume: 276.48 × 155.52 x 400 mm

Pixel Pitch: 72um

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

UV Light Power 75W

Printer Size 452 x 364 x 780 mm

Shipment Size 910 x 580 x 510 mm

Vat Volume 1.8kg

Material Metal with Acrylic

Color: Dark Grey Body + Orange Window

Physical Weight: 40 KG

Shipping Weight 49 KG

Power consumption 24V 6A


Chitubox 1.5.1 (recommended over 1.6.x)

Chitubox Profiles

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