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Self-Support guide

Hardware, please follow it in order
H1. Does the power adapter LED lights up?
If not, then please check the cable connection to the socket, between the adapter and the cable. If LED still does not light up, please reach out to your seller.

H2. Does the Phenom Turned on?
If not, please use this guide to check power connections.

H3. Does the Touch Panel work?
If not, please use this guide to check.

H4. Does the printing LCD Panel show rectangle when running calibration?
If not, use this guide to check the connection and the screen.

H5. When you select home function, does the build plate comes all the way down to the panel level?
If not, make sure you run the leveling in Step 9 of the setup guide.

Printing P1. What resin? 2. What software to slice and generate support? 3. What exposure profile? What is the layer height, Layer exposure time? Bottom Layer Exposure Time, Life distance. 4. Does print stick to the plate? Or does it break off halfway? Please describe if print fails 5. Share your model setup screenshot? 6. What is the wall thickness? 7. How many drain holes? 8. What is the environment temperature? Is there a heater setup? 9. Does the printer make loud noise during layer change

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