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 **How to get help** **How to get help**
-To better ​help us get you sorted as soon as possible, please provide ​as much information as you can about your situation. Please ​provide the following +Most of the time spent on support is to get the right information from the user so we can verify the situation and provide help.  ​To make sure you get the best and quickest ​help, we created this survey to get as much key information ​for printing ​as possible so that we can provide the correct solution and spot any issues you may have in your setup in addition to the issues you reported
- +Any photos of failed prints or issues, ​even if the failed object ​is still on the plate or in the vatis very helpful.
-Any photos of failed prints or issuesespecially when it is still on the plate or in the vat?  +
- +
-Here is the official [[https://​​open?​id=1otthgUQJCfLMEpS0dYNxKthNDv5PcDQIKDqZcLy_dbs|support survey guide]].  +
- +
-A picture of how your LCD looks in the calibration mode. You can start the calibration mode by going into the Tool menu on the touch screen. And then press Calibration ->  +
- +
-The Type of resin  +
- +
-Environment temperature +
- +
-Profile settings used in Chitubox (or slicer of your choice) +
- +
-Support settings used in Chitubox (or slicer of your choice) +
- +
-A screen capture (picture) of how the model is set up to print in Chitibox (or slicer of your choice) +
- +
-Making sure the build platform is level to the LCD screen+
 +Here is the official [[https://​​open?​id=1otthgUQJCfLMEpS0dYNxKthNDv5PcDQIKDqZcLy_dbs|support survey guide]].
 +Self-help  ​
-You can reach out us via [email protected] and at the same time post in our user group on and Facebook user group[[​index.html 
 +|Hardware Troubleshooting guide 
 +|Print troubleshooting]]
 ---- ----
-Frequently asked questions+Frequently asked questions ​(need updates)
 Hardware, please follow it in order \\ Hardware, please follow it in order \\
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