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Print sticking to vat:

Cause: Z reset position (FEP)/ peel force.


  1. Z reset position: for FEP we can have a range from 1816-1820. Try with each value from low to high (using the test ring) to find the value that works best (sometimes it can go to 1822).
  2. Peel force: Peel force involves PM reset position, hollow and vent holes, support cluster. Reduce the value or go back to default settings. Vent holes should be 3mm.

Print not sticking to build plate

Cause: laser power/ PM reset position (FEP)/ peel force


  1. PM reset position: on FEP when the PM reset position value is too low, it would cause unclean peel motion and that would affect the whole print.
  2. Peel force: this is the same with print sticking to vat
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