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 +====== Print sticking to vat: ======
 +**Cause:** Z reset position (FEP)/ peel force.
 +**Solution:​** ​
 +  - Z reset position: for FEP we can have a range from 1816-1820. Try with each value from low to high (using the test ring) to find the value that works best (sometimes it can go to 1822).
 +  - Peel force: Peel force involves PM reset position, hollow and vent holes, support cluster. Reduce the value or go back to default settings. Vent holes should be 3mm.
 +====== Print not sticking to build plate ======
 +**Cause:** laser power/ PM reset position (FEP)/ peel force
 +  - **Laser power:** make sure to follow the spreadsheets:​ https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1t8bjlfk7irSJFy3kzOr-I6SN5acE8UIlOl2E4r3dG_8/​edit#​gid=0
 +  - **PM reset position:** on FEP when the PM reset position value is too low, it would cause unclean peel motion and that would affect the whole print.
 +  - **Peel force:** this is the same with print sticking to vat
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