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Wiki for Advanced Acrylic Plate for Moai

This guide is for the advanced acrylic plate designed to use in Moai and Moai 130 FEP vat. If you are using Moai 200 glass plate, even the plate material is different, how the special film works is the same.

The Advanced Acrylic Plate has the same dimension as the regular acrylic plate. The difference is that it has a special film on the side of the plate that is facing up (facing the resin). Please do not remove that film (labeled in the package). You still need FEP film on top of the Advanced Acrylic Plate to print.

Steps when you first receive the Advanced Acrylic Plate

Check for which side of the plate is the side facing up. The side with the special film is labeled.

For shipping, there may be protection wraps on both sides. You can remove them first. If you don't see a label on your plate, you can still identify which side has the film by looking at if there is a cleanly cut film on top of one side that looks like this.

The biggest clue is that the special film does not cover up the side vent holes. See pictures here.

After removing the outside wrap and id the side with the film, clean both sides with soapy water or spray some alcohol to wipe off dirty spots quickly.

The proper way for this plate to work is as follow:

Laser light → Acrylic Plate → Special Film that is on the plate → FEP film tensioned by the user on top of the plate with special film → resin

And then you can install it as the regular plate using the instruction in this wiki.

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