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Galvo Calibration

This step is just to make sure that the hardware is installed correctly and the laser fires where its supposed to. The Moai is shipped with galvos and plate calibrated together, this is the first test to ensure that nothing happened during shipping.

1. Power On

  • Press the Power button in the front
    1. The PM Motor will make a loud noise as it tilts the vat and lowers it
    2. The Z Motor will raise to the very top of the rod and then lowers just a bit before stopping
  • You should see the Ready screen when those are complete. If your firmware is old, please upgrade first.
  • Use the Control Knob above the power button
  • Enter Setup and verify settings and firmware. If your firmware is old, please upgrade first.
    • Print out the Circle Marking Page at 100%, cut it out and place inside your vat. Orient it correctly.
    • Extract P_yuan-test.gcode from the Circle Marking gcode file you just downloaded and put it in a folder named gcode on an SD Card
    • Insert SD Card into machine
  • Select Print and press the Control Knob one time
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