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Heavy Duty Z-Axis

  • Minimize any left/right movement, especially for large full volume print
  • Easy to Install, no modification to the existing frame needed
  • Does not lose any build volume

For Moai and Moai 130

Installation of Heavy Duty Z Axis

Key Information for Moai settings:

Z-reset should be 1930 (or increase by 52-53 if you have customized setup) This makes the build volume 193mm height when used with the pdms vat instead of 187.7mm with the original z-axis

The best way of doing this is taking your Z-reset number and adding 52 - 53.

  • Example: Z-reset= 1878 + 53 = 1931 – New Z reset: 1931

Please advise, It should translate close to the following:

  • 1930 for PDMS vat
  • 1870 for fep vat

You can Purchase from the Peopoly Website below.

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